This, that, and the other.

So, winter’s back. I knew it was coming, I KNOW it always snows in April, but damn, I’m still wicked bummed and irritated. Nate is weirdly zen about it, which is irritating.

Fiona is more with me on it. Last night on our way home from her year-end Sparks ceremony (which was totally adorable), we were talking about camping, and all of a sudden she just dissolved into tears. Like, sobbing, distraught, tears, the works. I finally managed to get out of her the reason for the hysteria- “Mum! It was Spring and we were gonna be able to go camping outside in the tent but now there is snow again and it’s winter again and we have to wait so long.”


I know, babe. I feel you. But this snow will be short-lived. I know it. So soon it will be nice. Let’s look at last year. A year ago tomorrow, it snowed. You were excited. Snowflakes! On your tongue! Then again on the 29th. Snow. I have no pictures of you that day, so I don’t recall your reaction. But then.

Oh, but then. By May 9th, babe. By May 9th, you were in the backyard in your swimsuit, running through the sprinkler. I’m sure it was really too cold for it, but there is photographic proof, so I know we did it. So just hang on a few more weeks. We are so close.




Yesterday the girls started up their dance class again. They don’t do a very strict ballet or anything, just a class at the rec centre. It’s a bit more lax, no outfit requirements or expensive end-of-season recitals. So it’s right up my alley, parenting-style-wise. Violet first started with this teacher when she was 2, she and I did the parent/tot class. They really enjoy it. This time around they’re both old enough to be in the same class, the 4-5 year old class, which is nice. (Well, Violet’s not techhhhhhnically old enough, but she’ll be 4 in a month, and the teacher let her start the 3-yr-old class last year when she was a month from being 3 and said it was okay again this year… so her age may just be entered slightly incorrectly in the rec centre’s database. No biggie.)

But last week we were at the consignment store, and managed to find leotards and real dance skirts and even ballet shoes that (kind of, almost) fit both of them. So now they’re like real ballerinas. We even put Violet’s hair in a bun for class yesterday. It was so tiny and so cute, I just could not get over it.




Bianca has started talking much more recently. She’s got loads of words. Some are more understandable than others. She does not, however, have a fantastic command of the “S” sound yet. So some words and phrases are quite comedic. Currently one of her favorite books is Not a Stick. When she says that, it sounds like “nah-ah dick.” She also really loves choosing and putting on her own socks. She goes to the basket and asks for “cocks”. The newest phrase she’s started parroting relates to diaper changes. She now is able to recognize when she is stinky. So she comes to me, in order to inform me that she has a “kinky bum”. All quite innocent. All completely hilarious.




Fiona came home from Sparks the other day with a drawing she did back in February. They must have talked about what they want to be when they grow up. Her drawing was so cute.


And because I’m a horrible person, the first thing that came to my mind was-


Scientist, chemist, meth cook, that’s basically the same thing, right? I SWEAR I don’t let Fiona watch this show with us, I swear it.

Go science, I guess?


And lastly, a video of some cuties on the swings. Back before Winter, part a billion.