This Blueberry Yogurt

Last night before dinner, I asked the kids to give me a hand tidying up their toys. I wouldn’t say they listened the first time, or even the 5th, but it eventually did happen. They also helped set the table, and clear up after dinner. They got baths, we struggled through the hell that is bedtime, and managed to get them down by 7! It was a miracle! (Wellll, okay Bianca and Mikey were awake until like 9 but Bianca was mostly in bed and Mikey was just hanging out so it was fine)

Once I had everyone in bed, I walked upstairs and realized that it was Sunday night, and that the house wasn’t completely destroyed. Which is very very rare. My room was still in a bit of a shambles, but overall things looked pretty damn nice. I’m starting to really notice changes in the way I approach things. I know one good week does not a new life make, but I want to acknowledge that things are good. I even went grocery shopping yesterday!

So I sat with a glass of wine and re-watched a couple episodes of Pillars of the Earth on Argentinian netflix and sketched out some to-dos for the week. First up was to do last Friday’s assignment. Because turns out, weekends do not really lend themselves to accomplishing much beyond maintenance.


Assignment #11- Clean your bedroom until clean. Our room wasn’t horrible to begin with, (it’s much easier to keep neat now that we don’t have a dresser to pile clothes on top of!) but it was still pretty cluttered up. I got the girls out the door to school, got the babies some yogurt (side note-


if a 3yr-old attempts to carry a bowl of yogurt and drops it, it WILL splash up all over the ceiling. Which I find astounding. It came off the ceiling, buuuut there are definitely some blueberry stains on the doorjam. I’m sure I’ll eventually repaint.) and headed into our room. I had managed to strip the bed and remake it on Saturday, so at least that part was out of the way. I wiped down walls and windows and the creepy fireplace that I hate (I hate the style of the mantle, not the having a fireplace. The having is awesome, even if we have not yet lit a fire in it.), and did the floor including under the bed. It’s so nice in there.

Now I just have to get it decorated properly. And get a closet door. And nightstands.

This cure is really fleshing out the to-do list. Next up: Put away all the Christmas decorations!

Today’s assigment is to have a media fast for the evening. I’m kiiiiiind of an addict, so wish me luck…

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