The power of Zs.

Okay, who had 1 day?

One single day, it took me to fall off the January Cure wagon. I was a little behind at the outset, and then I was like oh, I’ll catch up on the weekend, and then I got more behind because in order to clean all the floors I had to actually be able to see them, and then the weekend came and I went off on a tangent and got a new desk for my office area, which prompted me to crack open that can of white paint that’s been sitting there for weeks on end, which in turned prompted me to buy the wood for and start building that storage bench I’ve been wanting for in there and, and, and…

Then last night I got a real amount of sleep. Was it preempted by a complete and total mental shutdown during the girls bedtime stories and the baby’s eleventy millionth request to nurse? Yes. Yes it was. I think I may have scared the kids because I just… stopped. Went silent. Sat there with my eyes closed. Nate took over the rest of bedtime and I just walked upstairs and flopped on my bed and fell asleep. When I woke up it was 2am.

So there’s that.

But anyway, this morning I got an email from Apartment Therapy, chipperly giving me assignment #8 and I was all SHIT. Better get to getting, Grimes.

(Seriously though, this 18-month sleep regression is no joke. I think the baby may just be trying to kill me. Even last night, when I woke up at 2, he kept me up for over an hour before I woke Nate up and tagged back out. That kid is cute but damn, son. Sleep is not the enemy.)

Luckily for me, assignment #2 of the cure was a bit simpler than the ALL THE FLOORS one. (Oh, and I did finally get myself flowers. They’re from the gas station and they’re the jankiest bouquet I ever did see, complete with daisies dyed pink in such a way that the stems were still full of pink dye that turned the water in the vase pink and while it’s not to my taste, Violet was thrilled by that.)


GAHHHHHH seriously you guys I have focus issues.


Assignment #2.


Go through the entire house and make an obscenely detailed list of all the problems that need fixing.

Took my brand new planner/notebook that I bought for myself last week and walked from room to room listing problems. I got 88 problems but too much storage ain’t one.

Surprise, surprise, every room needs many fixes, but it feels good to have it all listed out on paper, and hopefully this will translate into some of these issues being resolved in the immediate to foreseeable future.

I also decided this morning at 10am what I plan to make for dinner, and so that chicken is marinating in the fridge as opposed to hanging over my head. Which I have to say, is a much better place for it. I am also 100% caught up on laundry (including folding and putting away) and have not one, but both my schedule boards written up with current dates. It truly is a day for the books.

Adequate sleep. Who’d have thunk it?