The effects of slacking.

I did not check myself. And now I fear I’ve wrecked myself.

In all seriousness- I had a 5k this morning. Annnnd in hindsight, I probably should have run more than once since that race back on St. Patrick’s Day. BUT the race for April has been completed, and at a respectable pace, all things considered.

The Edmonton Police Foundation Half Marathon (and 10k and 5k, because clearly I’m not up to a half just now) was held this morning, at Fort Edmonton Park. When I woke up today I wanted to crawl back under the covers because cloudy and drizzly and just above freezing and ughhhhhh it’s late April aren’t we DONE with this? But I pulled myself together and was glad I did. Once I was running the temps felt perfect. Nice and cool. The start/finish of the race was crazy muddy, but the rest was on a paved trail and pretty flat, so it was a nice easy run.


The girls were kinda whiny and cold when we first arrived, but once they found a nice big mud puddle, moods improved drastically. Bianca had one huge wipeout in the puddle and then decided to watch from the sidelines, but those other two monkeys splashed until they were just drenched.  I think it’s safe to sign them up for this kid’s mud run in June.



And of course, they finished off the morning with a little yoga in their carseats while Nate ran into the grocery store for donuts. Little nuts. Some days they’re just the best.

Now please excuse me while I hobble off to find the heating pad. Consider this my vow to do better to keep up with my running. I’ve got another race in 2 weeks.