The Cost of Doing Business. And by “Doing Business” I mean showering.

Woke up this morning a bit later than I had originally intended. Staying up until 2am for NO GOOD REASON will do that.

Anyways. Had wanted to go for a run, but then with it being late I tried to back out of it, then I half-heartedly mentioned that “oh I guess I could just go out for a half hour”, Nate called my bluff and offered to do the morning diapers and breakfast routine if I actually wanted to get out (as opposed to making him to THINK I wanted to get out, when in reality I just kind of wanted to stay in bed and still have it be not my fault that I didn’t go run.) Make sense? No? I know. Sorry.

ANYWAYS ANYWAYS. Did 2.5 miles in a half hour and it was… okay. A half hour (including warm-up and cool-down) doesn’t really leave enough time for me to get into any sort of groove, running-wise. I need at least like 45 minutes, preferably an hour, to really get into it and feel like I’ve accomplished something. But still. It was something.

So once I got home, Nate was on his way out the door and the children were eating breakfast and I needed coffee and a shower, though not necessarily in that order. Since children were content, I decided to brave the “quick hurry while Violet is in the highchair eating Cheerios and Fiona is occupied with something like a show or in this case her crayons” shower. Sigh. Will I never learn?

Oh, I got my shower, and it was nice. I heard no screaming, no crying, Fiona came up to check on me once but then listened when I told her to go back with sister, and headed back downstairs. I got out of the shower, could hear them talking and laughing so I proceeded to get dressed and even pick out earrings and a necklace! Walk into the kitchen.

Half a box of Cheerios on the floor. Fiona grinning like a maniac as she shovels Cheerios into her mouth with one hand and throws them like beads in a Mardi Gras Parade with the other hand. Violet in her highchair with her tray literally brimming with Cheerios banging her hands down and making Cheerios bounce around and around and off the tray and…

It took us like 20 minutes to sweep them up because Finn insisted on “helping”, which you may know by it’s other name- “Walking through the pile and deliberately sweeping Cheerios back into the area I just swept up and then taking the dustpan that we have finally filled and dumping it right next to the trash can and laughing the entire time”

In other words- it’s Tuesday.

The only thing funnier than these pictures is the fact that my reaction, upon seeing this scene, was to turn around and run back upstairs for my phone so that I could take a picture of it.