The blind leading the blind.

Number one reason to write today: tell the world how much I love my new blinds. I do. I loves them. This is a rental house. With a rental house comes rental window dressing. In this particular case, tan curtains from Ikea. While not horrible, they’re just kind of blah, especially when they’re on every. single. window. We’ve been doing a bit of sprucing up this month, and I decided I wanted to brighten up the kitchen with a set of (faux) wood blinds on the one big window.

I measured the window, checked Home Depot’s website for sizes available, and decided that we could probably get away with the 54″ blinds, since the glass part of the window measured exactly that. So they went on the list, and Nate picked them up. He brought them home and I dived into the box, super excited to get them installed. Then as I was decided where to hang the brackets, I realized that hey, dumbass. If you just cover the glass part of the window, the whole set of blinds is going to be off center within the window frame because the window itself is slightly to the right because of how the frame is. And if you hang the blinds centered, they won’t cover all of the window. Dumbass. You need 57″ blinds, so you can fill the entire frame.

So I boxed up all the pieces and Nate headed back out to the store (to be clear, it wasn’t the only thing he had to go back for, he also needed another piece for the toilet repair he was doing [side note: look at us, being all home repairy and shit]) in search of 57″ blinds. Now, this was going to be a bit trickier, as they don’t actually offer a 57″. You have to buy 60″ and then they can cut it down to custom size. Nate checked the shelves- no 60″ blinds. Smart guy that he is, he checked the discount section. And found a set of 60″ blinds that were perfectly fine, just that somebody had returned them once they’d been custom cut to, you guessed it, 57″. Hurray! Much rejoicing! So Nate and the home depot guy scrounged around and made sure we had a complete set of hardware to go along with the blinds, and he returned home, having saved a sweet sweet 30%.

Monday morning. I am stoked to get these blinds installed. Make up a cup of coffee, grab my measuring tape and pencil and drill and little cardboard box o’ hardware and get right to work. I only effed up twice, and I got those blinds hanging beautifully.

Then I went to lower them.

And that’s when I realized that the freaking pull cord was not even there. Somehow there was enough string to keep all the slats up while I installed everything, buuuut yeah. No string to raise and lower them. I may have had a temper tantrum via text message. Sorry hun. Once I settled down, I realized that I could just hang them temporarily, they just can’t be brought back up until I get some string and the pull thingie and restring them, which looks like it will be a much simpler process than I’d originally feared. And I have to take some of the slats out of the bottom anyway, soooo yeah. Sorry again about overreacting.

But anyways, now they’re up and they’re so pretty and my kitchen is so nice and bright! I also took the curtain off the back door and that lets in a surprising amount of light. I think maybe I’ll get some of that privacy film stuff to stick to the window, but we’ll see. For now the girls are just loving using the curtain from the door as a puppet show theatre.

Hmmm, what else has been going on. Oh right, all the girls are getting their poor little butts kicked by a combo of pinkeye and a probably-related nasty cough and cold. They’re all just so pitiful. So it’s all popsicles, all the time! Movies for everyone! I am also using the pops as bribes to get the eyedrops in, because that right there is TORTURE. Poor little kids. I’ve tried every trick in the book, and still it comes down to me pinning them down and holding them in a headlock to get those damn drops in. And so I reward with icy goodness and animated singing animals. It’s the least I can do, really.


Also, I got them a new app for the iPad. That’s right. I have kid-specific apps on there. Deal with it. This one is actually super super cute and also edu-macational. And right now it’s even free! Endless Alphabet. I recommend it. And so does Word Girl Fiona.


Seeeee my new blinds? Aren’t they lovely?

Let’s close with a little dash of irony, shall we?


Aww, lookit them playing so nicely togeth… wait. Is she pushing on her sister’s head?


Yup. And the word that nearly brought them to blows? Cooperate.

Can’t make this stuff up, people.

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