The Aftermath.

Last night at around 8pm, I remembered that I’d signed up to bring in a fruit tray for Fiona’s class party today. And I had nothing in the house except for some green bananas. So I sent Nate out to the grocery store and Fiona and I looked on Pinterest for a halloween-themed fruit tray. (Because I have very few original ideas anymore.) Then I had to bathe the kids and wrangle them into bed and edit pictures and put up a blog post and I was all eh, I’ll do it before we go to her thing tomorrow.

Then this morning I thought about it again, and realized that they were probably doing the party during the regular school morning, and ending it with the little costume parade we’d been invited to, and so they likely needed the snack earlier. So I started peeling 9000 clementines (let me tell you- not cool when 8 of my 10 fingernails decided to commit suicide by carseat/highchair/seatbelt buckle in the past week) while simultaneously getting Violet ready to head out the door to preschool. I arranged all the fruit on a pizza pan because I have no regular trays. It turned out so cute. I got Violet’s shoes on (and also her butterfly costume, because apparently we are just costume people on the regular from now on), gave Nate the fruit to drop off at Fiona’s school, and threw Bianca into her crib for a nap. And then I surveyed the scene.

pinterest_halloween(click to enlarge)

Then I cleared the island (because I am neurotic about that island being clear) and the table (mainly by balancing more dishes over onto the other counter), looked at the rest of the things that needed done, and said fuck it, I’m taking a shower and eating breakfast and drinking coffee instead. I’m very happy with my choices.