That Crazy Chicken.

The first of what I am sure will be many many stories:

The Scene: Our car. Stuck at a traffic light waiting for a train to pass.

The Characters: A 2-yr-old and her mama.

Finn: Hey! Across the street!
Mama: What’s across the street?
Finn: A chicken!
Mama: Why is he across the street?
Finn: Goin’ fast!
Mama: He’s going fast? Why?
Finn: Chicken f’eezy colden.
Mama: He’s freezing cold? Well is he wearing a jacket?
Finn: Ummm, yeah.
Mama: He’s wearing a jacket and he’s still cold? Well, is it zipped up?
Finn: Umm. No.
Mama: Well he better zip up that jacket. What kind of coat is it?
Finn: Geen!
Mama: A green coat? Wow. Where is he going?
Finn: Boots!
Mama: He’s wearing boots? What kind?
Finn: Geen!
Mama: Green boots and a green coat? Where is he going?
Finn: An’na hat! Geen hat!
Mama: Green boots and a green coat and a green hat? Wow. What is the chicken’s favorite color?
Finn: Pink.
Mama: Well, where is the chicken going?
Finn: His car.
Mama: His car, huh? Then where?
Finn: Driving so so so fast.
Mama: He’s driving so fast? To where?
Finn: Across the street.

This kid is the best.

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