Summertime, apparently, means no time for bloggage. Not because we’ve been on a million fun vacations (We haven’t). Not because every day is so gol-dang gorgeous and we spend every waking second outside (It’s not. When it’s nice, it’s REALLY NICE, but much of the summer has been fairly miserable with rain and insanely populous clouds of mosquitoes). I don’t actually have a reason. Just- we’ve been doing our thing with some pics thrown up on the facebook here and there but I just haven’t been motivated to sit down and write about it, okay? GOSH.

I have been working on a toddler music review entry though. That’s gonna be a good one. I make no promises, but I hope to finish that one up soon. We’ve been listening to a lot of music.

Today is just your basic garden-variety rainy day. Last night there was a seriously cool thunderstorm, I’m talking thunder you could FEEL, and one time it was so loud it set off a neighbors car alarm. I’m not even joking, that actually happened. But now it’s tapered off to a steady rain.

Miss Violet took a weirdly early nap today, which left Miss Finn and myself some good old-fashioned one-on-one time. We did a few “progrects” as Fiona calls them. One a stick puppet endeavor that was mainly a “Mama makes puppets while Fiona dumps Elmer’s glue directly into a basket of rice” type of thing.

The other was something I’ve been meaning to get around to for quite some time now. Namely- a felt board, and lots of fun pieces to put on it. I have grand intentions of making a whole bunch of different themes to play with, like a baggie marked “Weather” and one marked “Letters” and one marked “Shapes” and of course, “Holidays” and whole stories full of characters, etc… but that is a big undertaking, which is why I got as far as buying a huge stack of felt and putting it in a bag in the closet and then promptly abandoned the task for I don’t know how long, until today I said “screw it” and we pulled out the felt and some scissors and I just started cutting out shapes. Started with some squares and triangles to make houses, and then just kept going as Fiona asked for more items. A girl, a dog, a tree, some clouds, a purse. Just fun.

I’m quite proud of that dog, BTW.

Now my little lady is awake and Fiona is asleep (curse you, back-and-forth nap schedule days!) and so I should probably lavish the same amount of attention on her, lest I give her some sort of complex. Peace out, yo.

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