Still Here

Due date plus three.
Still pregnant.

Yesterday I ate kung pao chicken for dinner, PLUS Nate and I walked like 1 mile and a half once it finally stopped raining. Spicy food, walking… I had some pretty regular contractions as I was trying to fall asleep, but I did eventually fall asleep, so they obviously weren’t anything too intense. And today’s been pretty much a big fat nothing.

At this point I feel like every night when I go to sleep, it’s Christmas Eve. And I am a little kid, and I am so excited for it to be Christmas so I can open my presents and get the stuff out of my stocking, and then I wake up in the morning, and….it’s still Christmas Eve. And I still have to wait.

This waiting is exhausting.

Today we finally installed the carseat. We’ve been hearing from everyone about how hard it is, and how you better make sure you bring it to an inspection station before the baby is born to make sure it’s installed right, and how they actually offer a half-hour class at some fire stations in the area so you can learn how to properly install your carseat. So we head out there, instructions in hand, ready to tackle the CAR SEAT INSTALLATION OF DEATH and…it was wicked easy. With the whole LATCH system thing that they require in cars these days, it was even easier than the old way of buckling it in with the seatbelt. Just take the strap and snap it onto the little anchor on either side of the seat and then look to make sure the little level thing on the side is level. Bam. Done. So easy. Now I’m wondering if maybe we did it wrong, cause it was so easy…