Spring. Kinda.

This morning is the first day of Spring, and we woke to snow and crazy cold wind. Nothing out of the ordinary, and it’s not like an insane blizzard. Pretty typical March weather. Still, ugh.


So today we’re drinking cocoa and watching Frozen. Maybe making cookies later if I feel up to it.

But yesterday. Yesterday was reasonably warm. Warm enough for puddle jumping and sidewalk chalking and generally being outside.

First they made up this game that consisted solely of taking pieces of sidewalk chalk and dumping them into and taking them out of the icy puddle in the gutter. They used their hands, at first, until I offered a set of tongs.


Then there was a fair amount of your standard puddle jumping. Our puddle is a little ick. They threw a sheet of newspaper into it and it’s been slowly disintegrating for the last couple days.


These next couple photos crack me up. Fiona was talking about how big my belly is going to get. She said it’s “going to be GIGANTIC” and that it would weigh “a thousand and twenty pounds!”springish-01

Were that so, I’d probably look just as terrified.

There was also some chalking. All under an inch or two of snow, now, but it was there for the day.


Soon enough, afternoons like that will outnumber mornings like this.

At least, that’s what I keep trying to remind myself.