Today it was. BEAUTIFUL out.

I can’t decide if a gorgeous day in mid-February is a gift or a cruel joke. I know that we still have potentially months of wintry weather, but day-yam today felt like spring. This afternoon the girls and I went for a walk, and we brought out sidewalk chalk, and we took the bikes out for a spin…

Then I realized that this warmth? This delicious warmth that had the neighbor walking her dog in shorts and a t-shirt? It was like 35 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. The neighbor was a bit optimistic, I think. We were out in our spring jackets and no gloves but still had on hats. But it was so so so nice.

“Look, my shadow is dancing!”

Before we came outside, Violet made sure everyone was wearing their “cool dudes”.

We drew a “hopscotcher”.

Drawing with sidewalk chalk.