Snow. and Snow.

Yesterday Nate left at 5am to catch a cab. A cab to the airport. To catch a plane to SanFran and then on to Shanghai. This morning at 10am we videochatted with that fool who’d stayed up until 11pm after traveling halfway around the world, just to say good morning to us. He’ll be gone a week, and we already miss him around here, but it sounds like he is going to have a really great trip, and we should be able to talk a few more times throughout the week. Thank goodness for Google videochat.

Also this morning at 9am, it started snowing. Just flurries at first, I thought it wouldn’t add up to much of anything. Then it picked up, and kept snowing the whole entire day long. After lunch I took the little one outside to play. We walked down to the mailbox, picked up the mail and stuck it in the back of babygirl’s sled. Her gorgeous little wooden sled on metal runners that her Great-Grandpa Troutman made. Made from a sled that was Grandma’s when she was a little girl. So it’s a pretty special sled. And she absolutely loves it. Sitting in the sled, walking in the snow, eating the snow… she seems to be a cold weather girl.

Catching snowflakes on her tongue.

Now she’s down for the count and I’ve cozied myself up on the couch for another evening of solo TV watching. Though I’ve cut myself off from doing anything like watching 4 episodes of Criminal Minds right before going to bed… I couldn’t fall asleep for anything last night. Every little noise I would open my eyes, all “oh NO! It’s an intruder! A rapist! A murderer! A kidnapper!” Normally I can watch things that freak me out, and then later when I start to get all pathetic and creeped out I just scoot over to Nate’s side of the bed and while he doesn’t wake up, he’s still enough to reassure me that I just have an overactive imagination, and that everything is normal and fine and okay and it’s just the wind, for crying out loud. But not last night. I was all on my own. So tonight it’s just straight home renovation shows. Maybe a little Hoarders. Those will let me sleep.

And now, even though it’s kind of chilly in here, I’ve got a hankering for some ice cream. So I am about to go serve up some mint chocolate chip and I will leave you with some comparison pictures.

Making a snow angel on patio table last March.

 Making a snow angel today… though I did still have to move her arms and legs.

Last year she wasn’t so sure about the whole idea of snow.

This year she looooooves it.

Oh, and PS? The girl is 15 months old today. 15 whole months. She’s got her checkup on Monday, so be prepared to be regaled with all sorts of stats and percentiles as to just how tiny she still is.