She’s crafty.

So it’s Valentine’s Day.

I used to really actively dislike today. Never having a boyfriend (because you’re such a huge dork that only your mom sends you carnations in middle school when the student council does that dumb sale. Like we all needed a reminder who the popular kids were. Gosh, Mountview. Why’d you suck so hard? Annnd I lost my train of thought. Oh right.) will do that to you.

Anyways, I never liked Valentine’s Day much. Then I got me a boyfriend from the Internet and on our first Valentine’s day he did the whole flowers and chocolate and teddy bear thing and I… kind of mocked him. It was so cheesy and ridiculous. (I think I was nice to his face but said something behind his back about how sweet but also hella cheesy it was.) Soooo I don’t so much get that stuff any more. We sometimes exchange cards, we sometimes don’t. It’s not really a big deal. I don’t say I don’t want anything but secretly get mad if I don’t get anything. It’s really okay. Honestly I’d prefer a random surprise over a forced present on the 14th. (But that means you have to deliver with the random surprises, you hear me my love? Otherwise the V-day pressure is BACK ON.)

But now we have a kid in preschool, and so we need to make classroom cards. Well, I guess we don’t need to. We could just buy the cartoon ones from the drug store and be done with it. But she has a really small class this year, and we like to do crafty things, so I just figured we’d handmake cards for everybody. (I thought about doing something completely precious from Pinterest but then I remembered that that is above my pay grade. But more power to you if that’s your thing.) Then somehow I was going to sleep last night and realized OH CRAP TOMORROW IS VALENTINE’S DAY! And so this morning when we woke up I rounded up the construction paper and stamp pads and heart confetti (from last year’s Valentine’s photo shoot) and a new pack of glitter glue I’d been hoarding away for a special occasion and we made valentines. And it was fun.


Even if we did finish them as Fiona was putting her coat and boots on.


And as Nate was buckling her into the car I realized I forgot to feed her some breakfast so I ran outside in my pajama pants and slippers and t-shirt-without-a-bra ensemble to throw a granola bar down her throat. Cause that’s just how we roll.

Violet made a “valentine” too. But she was less enthusiastic about me taking her picture with it. I tried sneaking a picture.


Then I asked her to hold up her card so I could see it. She responded with a “NO.” and pushed the card away from herself vehemently.


So then I said, “Say, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!”IMG_6529

And then I told her she could have a cookie.IMG_6531

So a very happy Valentine’s Day (and cookies) to you all! Give some extra lovin’ to everyone you love. And if you’re a single dorky middle schooler, try to remember that your mom means well.

ETA: Just picked Fiona up from school. We somehow totally forgot one of the kids in her class. I really hope they used the one blank valentine that was supposed to be for the assistant teacher whose name I don’t know and gave that to little Gwyneth. Otherwise I just feel like a real asshole.

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