Sitting here watching Game 3. Or, more accurately, trying to watch game 3 between trips to the ladies room. I am not even exaggerating, I have peed 6 different times in the last hour. Thats right. I am getting up to pee, on average, every ten minutes. Once I made it like 15 minutes, but then the next time I only lasted 7. This is getting ridiculous.

Been having crazy tons of what I assume are Braxton-Hicks contractions this afternoon/evening. So I’ve been relaxing, lying on my left side and all those things you’re supposed to do. Oh, and downing water like its my job. Which is, of course, contributing to the constant peeing.

Okay. Just got back from the bathroom. Again. The game is heading into the 12th inning. Nate fell asleep on me. Poor guy worked his butt off in the yard today, mowing and edging and pulling weeds and trimming back unruly plantlife. But the yard DOES look fantastic.

I didn’t do much today. Sewed a pillowcase. I was planning on sewing a bunch of pillowcases, for the daybed that is in the baby’s room. But the first one took me so damn long that I gave up after one and took a nap. I’ll try and do some more tomorrow.

I hope I actually get to sleep tonight. Last night? Not so much. Up a thousand times (to pee, of course), and then once I did get back into bed and manage to manouver myself into a somewhat comfortable position I would either lie there awake with no good reason, or be suddenly stricken with heartburn, or I’d fall asleep for a few precious minutes only to awaken moments later because of some weird dream involving me breaking into a clothing factory and breastfeeding a strangers baby, or of my belly button popping out of my belly entirely and leaving a gaping wound, or something else equally disturbing. I finally quit trying sometime shortly after the sun came up, and got up to eat eggos and watch old episodes of The Daily Show online. I feel a bit blah today.

On that happy note. I’m ending the post. The Angels just got a run in the 12th, making the current score 5-4. Also, I have to pee again. It has, after all, been 12 minutes.