Seriously fantastic.

Sometime last year I came across an idea online. I mentally filed it away (see, I don’t exclusively use Pinterest) to use on a day when everyone was falling apart and it was only 9:30 in the morning and we desperately needed something fun to do that wasn’t watch TV for once because dammit, I will stop being so lazy and using Sesame Street as a babysitter.

Today was that day.

I wish I’d remembered it yesterday when we were all dying of heat stroke, but yesterday I totally threw the kids in the basement with old Disney movies all day long, let’s just be completely honest about my day-to-day parenting choices.

But today I was awesome.

Bianca wasn’t so sure about it. She preferred to stay outside and look in.


Sweet blanket fort {this lemon yogurt}

They played in there on and off all day. It was awesome. They also really enjoyed playing on top of it. They said it was “just like walking on a cloud, Mama!”

Sweet blanket fort {this lemon yogurt}

And then after dinner, during which I managed to fight approximately 3 bites of baked ziti into them (combined), they hopped back into the fort to wait for Nate to get home. The expressions as they heard him come in and “look” for them were priceless.


And then even Nate and Copper got in on the blanket fort action.

All in all- I highly recommend this activity. Super easy. Super fun. Our fan kept falling over because it was just one of those thin window fans (please note the tipped-over-chair-as-support in that first pic), but if you have a regular box fan that can stand on its own it would probably be even better. Buuut I did get bonus points for having a white duvet cover for maximum walking-on-clouds effect. So there’s that.

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