Saturday the 14th

So yesterday was Valentines day. We don’t overdo Valentine’s day here. We say “I love you” and we plan to make a nice romantic dinner but then we end up eating quesadillas at 4:30pm because we skipped lunch and then we’re really not hungry for dinner and so we just skip dinner until we’re really hungry at like 11pm and then just make some noodles. Then we eat ice cream and watch all the shows we tivoed during the week.


Actually, there WAS a bit of excitement last night. As we sat there watching Thursday’s episode of Kath & Kim, we heard this BANG! come from the general area of the kitchen. “What in the hell was that?”, Nate asked. I did not know. I said it sounded like a bird flew into a window or something. We dismissed it with a “That was weird.” and kept watching TV. A bit later we decided to have some ice cream. So we paused the show (God, I’m spoiled with this DVR business. Can you believe I actually grew up with no TV? And now I get all pissed if I have to watch something live and sit through the commercials) and Nate went over to serve up the ice cream. I stayed on the couch, because well somebody had to keep the couch warm. And from the kitchen I hear a “What the…oh man.”

When I went over to survey the scene, this is what I saw-

Yeah, that’s an exploded can of Coke. In the freezer.

When I was making the quesadillas that afternoon at around 4:30, I decided I wanted a Coke with mine. And since we didn’t have any refrigerated, I grabbed one out of the drawer and stuck it in the freezer to cool it down real quick while my quesadilla cooked. But then I forgot about it. And I grabbed a Sam Light. And drank THAT with my quesadilla. While I was eating, a friend called with some very exciting news, and so by the time I’d finished eating, I’d just completely forgotten about the Coke.

So that explains the bang of when turned out NOT to be a bird flying into a window. And the really funny thing is, this isn’t the first time I’ve exploded a can of Coke. Except the first time it was in my car, and it was because it got too hot. And let me tell you. A car full of exploded coke that is left to bake in the North Carolina sun in an area thats known to be full of those tiny little ants? Not so much fun when you come back to it three days later. Very full of tiny ants, and stickiness everywhere. This is gonna be a cakwalke to clean up, comparatively.

But we had last Thursday’s episode of The Office to get back to, so we just served up the ice cream, left the freezer full of coke slushie, and settled back on the couch.

Fiona slept through it all. She fell asleep at like 9pm last night, and slept in her little bouncy chair till like 2am when we finally moved her. Poor little sickie.

Valentine’s day is over-rated, y’all.

French Silk ice cream, however- is amazing.

On our first Valentine’s day together, Nate staged an elaborate setup with roses, and Hershey’s kisses, and a teddy bear, and blah blah… I later made fun of the teddy bear and now on our 4th Valentine’s day all I get is ice cream, tv shows, and exploding coke. I think I lucked out.

Better than a teddy bear, any day.