Ready, set, procrastinate.

The girls’ room has been in the process of being decorated for a loonnnnng time. I keep putting off taking pictures of it and posting them, because there keeps being something else that I still want to get done.

But no more.

Thanks to a sudden and intense “PRINT ALL THE PICTURES AND FILL ALL THE FRAMES” bout of nesting, I finally have a few things hanging on a few walls, and so I’ve decided that their room is done enough to show. Also, I haven’t done a full kitchen clean since Friday night and it’s a disaster down there and I don’t feel like cleaning it right now so I’m trying to avoid it at all costs and so I’m finding other things to do. Like tidying and vacuuming the girls’ room and then taking pictures of it.


It’s still not totally done. I need to get Nate to hang that mirror. We found it at a flea market and it’s heavy as hell, so it’s got to be done properly, with wall anchors and everything. Doing things properly and safely, that’s his department. I hung a couple of those bookshelves, annnd they got pulled out of the wall in about a week because I used these tiny nails that were not even close to being up to the job. Nate redid them, and now those suckers ain’t going anywhere. It’s a good thing we’re a team.girls_room-02

I also still want to refinish the rocking chair and make a new cushion. It’s in fine shape, but I’m thinking maybe teal? Just to jazz it up a bit. Also, that little white dresser needs some serious paint attention. I can’t decide if I should repaint it white, or if I want to go with some sort of bright color. Considering some sort of curtains as well, if I can ever find a fabric I like.girls_room-03

There are several things I love about this room. One, the light in here is so pretty in the morning. Two, its pretty easy to keep it clean, because the only things we keep in here are clothes and books and a very small basket of random toys that find their way upstairs. Somehow they still manage to trash it at bedtime more often than not. It’s like one big party in there after we close the door. girls_room-04

Our next important step is to work out how to configure the room for a fourth inhabitant. We do have a third bedroom, buuuuuut I’m selfish and don’t want to give up my office space if I can just find a way to house all these kids dormitory style. Sue me.

And to bring it home, here’s a before and after. The first is from 2 years ago, when I was all nesty and pregnant with Bianca. The second is this afternoon. I dig the grey walls waaaaay more than the brown and green. It’s like a whole new room.


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