Potty Trainings. I has it.

We are two days into this potty training thing. Non-parents, I totally get if you skip this post. It’s really okay.

Before you say anything- yes, she’s young. But she’s not that young, and she’s shown a real interest in the potty (we’ve had it sitting out in the bathroom for a couple months now), and so if I can take that interest and channel it into less diapers? All for it. Plus, she’s got a booty rash right now and so needs to be pantless for a couple days anyways, so why the hell not.

As I was saying. We are two days in. Yesterday there was a LOT a peeing in the big girl panties in the morning. Like, a lot. But it got better. Then this morning she did AWESOME. She peed in the potty like every 3 minutes for an hour. (Yeah, pretty sure she’s no dummy. She learned pretty quick that pee in potty=m&m. Hence the need to empty the potty every 4 drops.) (Also she freaking LOVES to wash her hands.)

We even had, wait for it, POOP in the potty!!! I was taking a small break from monitoring her every move, looking for signs of pee. I was sipping my coffee, in fact. Then I looked up and realized SHOOT she’s out of my sight, where is she where is she she better not be peeing on the couch crap whereISSHE!?!??! And she was in the bathroom. Sitting on the potty. Saying “Poop, Mama. Potty.”


Granted, we later had a naptime diaper poop with a very small amount on her hand, a poop in the panties on the way to the potty, and a small turd on the floor (which I also missed, but found out about when she walked into the kitchen and opened the cabinet where we keep the rags, saying “Tlean. Tlean, Mama.” Don’t know how a TL sound is easier than a CL, but there you go.) but still. We had contained, potty poop. There is hope.

She is by no means trained yet. Not one of those “oh, yeah, my kid trained in a day. It was nothing. I just said “pee goes in the potty” and they were all over it.” Which is unfortunate, because I’ve been told I was one of those kids. Sigh.

But it’s going well thus far. We shall see how tomorrow goes. Also, Nate gets home tonight. Yay!

The view from the throne. Watching some “Gabba” to try and keep butt in seat.

“Pee! Treat, Mama!”

Refusing help on the long, splashy walk to the bathroom.

Waving bye-bye to the peeps.

Potty training toolz. M&Ms, alcohol with lunch, Mary statue for inspiration.

The overview of my wreck of a living room. Yoooooooo Gabba Gabba!

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