Playdough, Dinos, and Sesame Street. Oh, and eyelashes.

It’s a quiet morning here today. I’m doing my damnedest to battle off a cold, and that means beaucoup beaucoup TV time. But it’s season one of Sesame Street, so its the good stuff. (Yeah, okay, there’s been some MLP Rainbow Rocks thrown in as well because ya better believe I got tricks up my sleeve…)

Seriously though- look at those lashes. Do they not just KILL you?


But big sisters are at school and baby brother is napping, so right now it’s just me and this big eyed lady. Hanging out, watching TV, playing with playdough (homemade, bitches!) (but not colored because I’m lame and have not yet replenished my food coloring supplies since the move) and just trying to keep warm on what finally feels like a winter day (-7 degrees, but there is still no significant snowfall, and for the end of November, I am not complaining, y’all).preschool-02

This semi-sick day is brought to you by Netflix. And the letter C. C is for coffee, that’s good enough for me…