Papa’s got a brand new bag.

Well, 8 new bags. Beanbags. And a couple of platforms at which to throw them.

That’s right. Thanks to some very hard work by my Nathan, we’ve got a great new cornhole set. I was going to make it myself and give it to him for Father’s day, but then somehow it was the day before Father’s Day and I had only managed to get as far as finding plans online.

So I showed him the plans, and said “Happy Father’s Day! Make yourself a cornhole set! I support this endeavor!”

Challenge. Accepted.

Cornhole DIY {this lemon yogurt}So Nate went and bought a bunch of wood, and a jigsaw, and further justified the recent purchase of a random orbital sander, and he set to work. After several evenings of working outside, the boards were cut and assembled and sanded so smooth you could lick them, and they were ready to finish. He decided on a sweet retro-looking pattern of light and dark stain, and after numerous evenings filling the basement  with polyurethane fumes that he claimed not to notice, the boards were finally done and ready to use.

Cornhole DIY {this lemon yogurt}

The big girls picked the team names, and Bianca helped me out by handicapping Nate and crawling up the boards during his turn.

Cornhole DIY {this lemon yogurt}

Check out the air that kid gets!

Cornhole DIY {this lemon yogurt}

Despite a strong start by Violet and myself, Nate and Fiona ended up winning handily. I just couldn’t get a good feel for the board, and Fiona had this crazy spin-toward-the-board approach that allowed her to sink her shot like half the time. No lie. (But nobody else was allowed to use that move, because she was “the coach AND a player, and so I make the rules of my spinning, Mama.”

Cornhole DIY {this lemon yogurt}Well done, sir. Well done.

So, who’s coming over this weekend?

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