Pancakes and apples.

Still working diligently away at last year’s vacation photos. This next batch is from the day after my sister’s wedding. The wedding was held at this adorable house in Vermont, and since we had it for the entire weekend, it meant we had a home base for a whole host of Vermonty activities.

Sunday morning is made for pancakes, I think. Luckily, my little sister Teresa runs a mean pancake house. It’s called Patty’s Perfect Pancakes, and while I don’t fully understand where the name came from (they tried to explain it to me, but it’s somewhat of an inside joke thing and since I haven’t lived at home since before this particular sister was born, I do tend to miss out on some of the jokes. 🙁 But what can you do.) I do know that the food was delish. To feed a crowd of this magnitude, she took on Nate as a sous chef, and the two of them fired up the griddles and went. to. town.


Once we were all good and stuffed with carbs and sugar, we headed out to a nearby apple orchard. Because it isn’t fall in New England until you pick some apples.


The orchard was also home to a small petting zoo. The girls loved seeing and petting all the animals- goats, bunnies, peacocks, chickens, sheep… I loved it less when then came and sat on my lap at church right after this and got all the bunny allergens all up in my sinuses. But that’s my lot in life.apple_picking-02I remember when I was three or four, I went to a petting zoo and there was a goat, and he “pffffted” at me and I criiiiiiiiied. We have a hilarious picture from that day. I wish I could get my hands on it to compare it to Violet’s reaction to a goat nibbling on her skirt. Which was, by the way, an absolutely priceless reaction that was captured not only on camera, but also on video, thank everything.




Updated to add: found the pic of me with a goat at a petting zoo! (It’s part of a collage my sister made for me for my 15th birthday, hence the fancy scalloped edges and construction paper backing.) That goat and me were NOT friends.

pffftNot much has changed, really. I didn’t even step foot in the petting zoo pictures above. I did not take any of those pictures up there. I went and browsed a selection of apple-related products and Vermont-themed t-shirts in the farm store while the kids petted things.