She’s just… I don’t… I mean…


Gah. My baby is one year old today. One. That’s an entire YEAR. Which really doesn’t seem like that long until you start thinking about how many things she can do today that she could not do a year ago. And that a year before that she was not even anything at all.

I just… don’t have words. She’s just too adorable. I seriously think I could cry, she’s been so cute today. I’m not usually the type of person to do those sorts of things, but pregnancy hormones do crazy things to you.

And so, I will just leave it at that. And since I am not so much on the words today, I’ll leave a handful of pictures, because I do that much better.

Our family a year ago, and our family now.

Babygirl one year ago, on the day she was born.And here she is today, picking out pumpkins, and pushing the wagon around,

Last year she was a skeleton. This year she has a few different costumes, one for each event, and the first of those was the spider for the party at Nate’s office today.

She’s just too awesome. I love her to bits.

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