One last Edmontonian newborn.

There are many things that I am good at.

Keeping track of when I need to renew domain names that I’m not currently using but also don’t want to give up because eventually me being in business will be a thing again is NOT one of them. And so, when I got the final notice that this web address was about to expire and that my credit card on file was no longer valid, I was forced to finally address the mess that is my webhosting. Long story short- I no longer own Sadface. Nobody is actually using it, but a bot snapped it up and now if I want it back I have to pay many dollars. Which is sort of silly right now since I have no real intention of using it until I start the business back up when Mikey hits kindergarten.

All that to say- I took some pics of a friend’s newborn baby girl today. And I’m throwing them up here to share them because this is now the only active website that I have. So enjoy!

Meet baby Rosie-

15.06.29_Goldman_{newborn}-01 15.06.29_Goldman_{newborn}-02 15.06.29_Goldman_{newborn}-03 15.06.29_Goldman_{newborn}-04

Thanks for letting me come play this morning, Goldmans! (Goldmen?) 

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