Oh right, blogging.

Remember when I actually had a blog? Remember when I was a photographer?

Yeah, me neither.

And now here I sit, googling “are blogs even still relevant in 2018?” This blog started as a way to keep family updated with baby news. Ten years ago. TEN YEARS. A full decade. Almost exactly, now that I’m looking at it. My very first entry was from the 13th of September, I was still sitting around just waiting impatiently for the baby that would be my Fiona to arrive. The last couple years have been probably the roughest yet. For a variety of reasons that I don’t really feel like going into right now.

The point of this entry is just to reiterate that I do, in fact, want to get back into blogging. I’m still sort of casting around, trying to decide on a focus. (I know, me being unable to focus, it’s SOOOOOO unlike me, right? HA.) I really do wish I had properly started blogging back in its heyday. I coulda been a contender. But now it’s all twitter and snapchat and vlogs and while I guess I could try to get into that, I also like… don’t want to? I want to bring back proper blogging! I was recently talking about exactly that with a friend (and by “talking” I mean I sent her a message on her (wildly popular and legit) IG story and she sent back a single sentence acknowledging my response and then I word vomited back at her because I have little to no social skills and I’m just hella awkward all the damn time) but ANYWAYS we agreed that we miss the days of blogs, and blog communities.

side note: I never really was in a blog community because I can’t seem to figure out how to be even though I leave comments sometimes and I’m clearly awesome and I dont know whatever, I’m just too awk even for to be a blogger? Bah. Stop spinning out.

Where was I going with that? Oh yeah.

What kind of blog should I have? What’s my brand? Should I just keep awkwardly talking about shenanigans? (basically the long form of my facebook statuses). Should I try to take my real camera out once in a while and actually be a photographer again? Should I do more pinteresty things? Recipes? Talk about adult ADHD? Show you my BuJo? All of the above? I have lots of opinions on what makes a good water bottle. GIVE ME SOME DIRECTION, PEOPLE.

Today I’ve posted this AND updated the header (which previously still featured photos of the girls taken on Bianca’s first birthday, so yeah it was probably time for an update) so I guess thats’s enough for now. But seriously. What do you want to see from me?


(If you think I should just disappear from the internet entirely please keep that to yourself, kthanksbai)

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