Oh Canada.

The other day the girls and I went for a run. Or, I went for a run and they went for a ride. In a double stroller. Which I pushed. While running. In the wind. For 5.5 miles. See, I can make running crazy even when it’s actually quite beautiful outside.

While on our run, I came upon several different people rollerblading. ROLLERBLADING?!?!? They still let you do that? I was pretty sure it wasn’t allowed outside of like… 1995. Like, I’m serious. I hadn’t seen anyone on rollerblades in quite some time. And there were several different people! And I saw one yesterday, too! Apparently it’s still done here.

Me, winning a nerd award, back when rollerblading was cool.*

*Cool is relative. Cause I thought I was the shiz, with my white shorts and my rose-print vest and my friendship bracelet on my ankle? HELLZ yeah.

But hey, more power to ’em. Me, I’ll stick with running.

So yesterday evening Violet said her first word! Or, what we’re counting as her first word. She’s done a few that we’re like “did she just say Dada? Was that a Mama?” but this was like, an unmistakeable, repeated, unprompted (Well, the first one was unprompted. Then we made her do it like 83 more times for the camera) word! And what was this word, you ask? It was cheese. Guess I take a few pictures of these kids.

And with that, the monsters are awake. Got to dash.

Remember to stay hydrated, y’all.*

*I’m obviously WAY cooler than I was in 6th grade.**


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