(not so) Secret Pizza Party.

Baaaaaaby book club time, y’all.

I let the girls pick this week’s book. They chose one of our current favs, Secret Pizza Party, by Adam Rubin. We got this one out of the library, and they loved it so much (and were so bummed when it was time to return it) that I went and got ourselves a copy. They can pretty much recite it from memory. Which we did, over dinner, the other night while we thought of activities that we could do. The book is about a raccoon who just wants to get his hands on some pizza, so he, along with the narrator, devise some sneaky plans to do just that, with some hilarious results. It’s fun to read, silly, (eating pizza in the bathtub?!?!) and just all around enjoyable.

For our activities, we ended up going with the simple, obvious choices. We took a bunch of crafty supplies and some brown paper plates, and we made pizzas. Tissue paper sauce, yarn scrap cheese, foam medallion pepperonis, brown pom-pom sausage, green construction paper peppers, and some sequins just for good measure.

I also picked up a package of black bandit masks at the party store so that the kids could be in disguise. Or raccoons. Whichever. They kind of did a mix of both.

Once again, I had an extra activity sort of in the wings that we didn’t get to, this time it was a guided drawing activity. I bought some wooden blocks at the craft store and drew pizza toppings on them, the idea was that we’d roll them and then the kids would draw the toppings onto their own pizza drawing. But, like I said, we didn’t get to it. So no biggie. Now that we’ve got the dice, maybe the girls and I will get to do it at some point.

We had a pretty good turnout this week, and since this week is Spring break (wooo), even got to involve the kindergarteners! The younger ones weren’t quite as into the craft this time around, but the big kids certainly were.

Baby Book Club- Secret Pizza Party {this lemon yogurt}

After they’d finished off a couple sticks worth of glue, I scrubbed the table down and got out the next thing. Making real pizzas. You may remember that the hubs makes a crazy awesome homemade pizza dough, which he was kind enough to prepare for us last night. So the kids took their balls of dough and stretched em out, then picked from an assortment of toppings.

Then a bunch of raccoon bandits ran around my house for about 10 minutes while the pizzas cooked.

And then we ate some delicious pizza. And that was our pizza party.

Baby Book Club- Secret Pizza Party {this lemon yogurt}