This is a non-post. It is merely to say that I had my 39-week OB visit, annnnnnd… I may as well not have gone. It was a direct copy of last week’s appt. Weight, measurement, blood pressure, baby’s heartbeat, all movements toward labor… everything exactly the damn same. We are officially in a holding pattern. But, that’s good, I guess.

Last night we had movie night with the sibs that are here visiting. We watched Star Wars, which we had decided on before I even realized that yesterday was some sort of “Star Wars Day”… well, Nate and the kids watched it anyways. I sat down and tried to. We did up the movie night right, got pizza and soda and popcorn and ice cream and everything… but I sat there for like 5 minutes, ate a half a piece of pizza, and then couldn’t sit still any. more. I originally was just having a panic attack at how wrecked the living room was, so I real quick picked up all the toys and books and stuff, hoping that would be enough to allow me to sit and enjoy the movie. Buuuuuuut nope. Not even close. Had to move from there into the kitchen, then to bringing the past month’s worth of recycling out to the curb, then to bringing all the dirty laundry to the basement, then to the pile of “hand-wash-only” laundry that has been sitting on the basement floor for seriously the last 3 months, and then I was able to sit for a few minutes. But then there were diapers to fix leg elastic on, and emails to send… ended up going to bed around 2am.

Getting up at 6:00 this morning to shower before work was fun, after that… but I had to. Cause had to be at work, and can’t go to the doctor appointment all stank smelling. Got out of the shower, did makeup, was about to get dressed and run out the door… and the phone rang. They didn’t need me today after all. Well, shoot. Now I’m literally all dressed up with nowhere to go. But I was already awake, like actuall awake, not even close to that groggy “Cool, I’m going back to bed” frame of mind.

So I went downstairs, made a pot of coffee, and attacked a project I’ve been putting off for weeks- sewing cloth baby wipes. Got a good chunk of it done before I had to leave for the doc.

Now I’m thinking I’ll attempt grocery shopping again? Here’s hoping it goes better this time. I’ve got reinforcements to protect me from mean old people this week, so I’m hopeful.