Mother of the Year, obviously.

Today we had a busy day. We had a doctor appointment for Fiona, I decided that since the office is only like 1.5 miles from our house, I would skip my run this morning and just do a destination run to the doctor’s office, and then after that over to playgroup at the rec centre, where we would play and then lunch, then head to the library to return my very overdue, non-renewable items, then back home for naptime. THAT was the plan.

First problem: Stayed in bed too long. Not a problem normally, normally that kind of morning is STELLAR. But on this particular morn, I probably should have gotten out of bed because it threw my whole morning late, which resulted in me leaving only 15 minutes to run the 1.5 miles. Which I can allllmost do, but not so much while pushing a double jogger on a windy day, especially when faced with

Second problem: It’s actually like 2 miles to the doctor’s office, and not the mere 1.5 that I had guessimated. Thus, we arrived about 10 minutes late. And then she couldn’t find us in the appointment book, because apparently

Third problem: Today’s doctor appointment wasn’t actually today. It was NEXT Thursday at 9:45. Damn. We got in anyways, but as a walk-in, which meant we had to wait like 45 minutes.

So, doctor appt completed, just a bit behind schedule. Run the second leg, get to playgroup, meet a couple new people, sit down for lunch. Discover, while pulling lunchbox from basket under stroller, that

Fourth problem: Left my freaking library stuff on the counter in the kitchen. They’re going to revoke my library privileges, I just know it. Eh, whatever. Guess we can go back onto the massive indoor playground for some extra after-lunch playtime.

The girls were thrilled with this turn of events. They love that place. Fiona was running all over everywhere and climbing and sliding and etc etc and so forth. Violet and I were sitting in the bottom part of the play structure, in the designated toddler area. I was sitting there reading an article on my iPhone doing something important that doesn’t make me sound like a horribly neglectful parent. Suddenly I realize that

Fifth problem: Violet is no longer sitting there at my feet. Trying to look totally in control, I walk over to where Fiona is playing with a cozy coupe, chat with her a minute, ask her if she knows where her little sister is. I’m not super worried, the playground is completely enclosed, with like 4 levels of buzzer-activated doors to get in and out, I know she is SOMEWHERE IN THIS GENERAL VICINITY, so I casually start glancing around, all “It’s cool, but WHERE THE SHIT IS MY BABY?!?!?!?” She’s nowhere on the ground. That leaves one option. She climbed up into the big kid play structure that is “designed for children ages 4-10”. No, she wouldn’t… would she?

click to enlarge, suckahs.

I dive into the structure, around and around and around the spiral staircase at it’s center, heart beating a bit faster the higher up I get, until… I hear a giggle. I turn a corner. I see the BIGGEST shit-eating grin.

So darn pleased with her little self. So since I am such a midget a petite woman, and can fully stand up in this structure designed for children one-third of my age, we stayed up there to play for a little while.

Annnd, that’s pretty much the day. We did have quite a time once we started on the final leg of the run home, Fiona sort of lost it and sobbed “but Mama, I don’t want to go home yet! I want to go to my-kea!” but that’s just your garden variety long day/late nap type stuff.

Even with all the problems, I’d say that overall, today was massively successful. If that tells you anything about my “normal”.

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