February has come and gone, with it tons and tons and feet of snow, most of which has now melted. Our tiny little yard looked like a battleground after the snow disappeared… big tree branches all over the place, a thousand little piles of dog turds, not to mention all the pine needles and leaves that we never raked up in the fall… Nate and I spent all this past weekend (which was GORGEOUS) outside raking and raking and bagging and it looks so much better now, even if there still isn’t any grass…

Last week we also had an interesting couple of days when our fridge decided, after months of making this really annoying loud clonking noise, to die completely. Of course, I didn’t realize it until it had been dead for so long that all the frozen food was totally defrosted…thank goodness for friends with deep freezers with space. All the fridge food was loaded into coolers with bags and bags of ice… this was Thursday. They finally delivered our new fridge yesterday, and it’s so shiny and clean and new and COLD and it’s just fantastic.

This morning Nate took off work and the three of us went to a Rocknoceros concert at Jammin’ Java. Sounds kinda lame, but it’s actually a really good time. Babygirl is slow to warm up to the idea of concert, staying close to Mama and Daddy at first, but after a while she enjoys getting up there and being part of the action.

Fi wasn’t SO much into the dancing while I was shooting this little video, she was a bit more intent on sticking her hand inside the back of her diaper. Which was actually kind of embarassing. She has become kinda fascinated with that lately. In the past couple weeks, we’ve had three instances of “I’m done napping and now I think it would be fun to reach into my dirty diaper and make a poop painting on the sheets of my crib..wheeee Mama isn’t this fun!??!?!” Yesterday she tried it at the end of her morning nap, but was thwarted by the zip-up footie pajamas. Although she made a valiant effort and managed to get one arm outside of jammies. She is too much.

In completely unrelated news, I haven’t given any updates regarding baby numero dos recently… that’s probably because everything is progressing just fine, no issues beyond the fact that I’m a little anemic and tend to be a bit hypoglycemic. Neither of which is surprising, I’ve always tended that way. Just means I need to eat frequent small meals and take an iron pill. I’m also supposed to take it easy on things like sugar and white flour and simple carbs… all those things that make up delicious snacks. Instead I have to do proteiny complex carb things. Like wheat pitas and hummus. And hardboiled eggs. Which isn’t as delicious as bagels or candy, but still pretty good. I’m 30 weeks along now, so we have entered the final stretch, the final 10 weeks. I’m actually counting down using LOST episodes, because there are only 10 left till the end… the final episode is slated to air May 23rd, and I’m slated to have this kid May 18th. We’ll just have to wait and see which finishes first- this pregnancy, or a show that we belatedly only got into last summer and has sucked us in like none other. I’ve got my next appt in a week, I’ll do my best to update again at that point, maybe even including a how much have a gained type update?

I’ve also decided to become better about cooking dinner again. I was doing so well back in the fall, and then it fell away to NOTHING. I saw this cookbook in the checkout aisle at the grocery store (I fall for that stuff Every. Time.) and it caught my eye. “Fix It and Forget It. 200 Slowcooker recipes using 5 ingredients or less.” The way I see it- I have both energy and time in the mornings. In the evenings I’ve got time, but I’m also usually beat. Getting up the energy to make dinner just seems like a monumentous effort. So if I slowcooker it, I can prepare dinner earlier in the day when I’ve still got some get up and go and then I can still be tired and blargh in the late afternoon and yet manage to get some actual dinner on the table. I went through the book and marked a bunch of recipes that looked tasty, added the ingredients to my shopping list, so we’ll see how it all turns out… I’m hopeful.

On that note, I need to go get a little snack and then maybe a bit of a nap while Fi is still sleeping… here’s hoping.

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