Little Owl Lost.

Now that we’ve finally shaken the last of the strep throat (knock on wood), we were able to host another morning of our Baby Book Club. For today’s book, I picked Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton. This one was a library book that we got out and was an instant huge hit. In the vein of “Are You My Mother”, it’s about a baby bird (or, to be more specific, an owl) that is looking for its mother and encounters a host of not-mothers before finally (spoiler alert) finding its mother.

In true Amanda fashion, I sort of forgot to prep for this until… oh, last night around 9? But luckily, pinteresters love them some owl crafts, and so it was easy enough to pull together. First we made mama and baby owl puppets. They came out super cute. I swapped out the felt for feathers because feathers are awesome. Violet chose to make her owl on the colored side of the recycled boxes that I used for the owl bodies, because Annie’s fruit snacks come in a purple box and PURPLE.

Baby Book Club- Little Owl Lost {this lemon yogurt}

Next up was our snack. A quick something search had brought up another mama and baby book club that had covered this material, so I stole their snack idea. An owl made from an english muffin, peanut butter, cheerios, banana slices, raisins, and some cheese triangles. Baby Book Club- Little Owl Lost {this lemon yogurt}

Our owl puppets were such a hit that the second activity (that I had only half-prepared anyway) sort of got the short stick, but after all our friends left (two kids again, but one different kid than last time, so huzzah for that at least. Maybe we’ll manage to get a group going after all! And I swear there are other kids here for this, I just didn’t use any pics of them because Internet Privacy and all that) the girls got interested reading through the book again and playing with the mama-and-baby animal (well, grown-up and baby. I know at the very least the grown-up lion is a male. Mama lions aren’t pretty enough, I guess?) matching game that I had grabbed from here and printed out onto some cardstock. I wanted to glue them to construction paper and laminate, but didn’t get a chance before the group. That happens when you’re still printing mere moments before guests arrive. Maybe I’ll get it done later this afternoon. We’ll see. The girls have been having fun just finding the matches with all the cards face up, but I think if we put out just a few sets at a time (there are 22 sets total, which is waaaaay too many for their current memory-playing abilities), we might try playing memory as well.

Baby Book Club- Little Owl Lost {this lemon yogurt}

And there you go. Another successful baby book club.