Let’s hear it for employment!

Tonight’s top story- I got a job! Just a couple hours every afternoon, making sure a 10-yr-old boy does his homework, gets to football practice, and then I start dinner. And then I go home and start my own dinner. I’m excited. It’s gonna be great. More funds=awesome.

In other news, our basement is quickly becoming the hottest new photo studio this side of… the tracks? Anyways, it’s going to be awesome. Spent some time at Ikea today, getting things like new flooring and a footstool.

Also got one of those rollercoaster toys (you know, the ones with the beads) for Fiona, and a wok (for to cook stir-fry. Yay!), and some of those awesome cookies from Ikea, with the chocolate in the middle…mmmm so good. All awesome things.

In sports news- my fantasy baseball team was in first place until the all-star break and now they are slipppppppping into a distant second just like the Red Sox. I am not happy about either of those. Not awesome.

In closing, today was stellar. Three out of four things I am thinking of as I head to bed are awesome. Which makes it a good day.

Plus, there is this-

I don’t think I need to say any more.

Oh! But I will. Say more, I mean. This morning we were watching Sesame Street, and I hear “duh nuh nuh nuh…duh nuh nuh nuh nuh…The Final Countdown” and then who is there but GOB BLUTH but he was playing “Max the Magician” but he was GOB! On Sesame Street! And it was awesome and I must say, I enjoyed it immensly. And I very excitedly texted Nate to tell him. Plus tivoed it so he could watch it when he came home from work. That too, was awesome.

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