Let’s go on a adventure.

Violet has a phrase that she uses with some regularity. It’s one of my current favorites.

“Mama! Let’s go on a adventure!”

This phrase can mean something as simple as taking the long way around to the mailbox. She is not hard to please, that one.

So this morning, when I woke up and it was very clear that another day would pass without me having a baby (it’s still a day early, but I had somehow convinced myself this one would follow in Bianca’s footsteps and get here prior to the due date, which obviously nooooooope. Just please God, not 9 days over like Finn. That was so brutal.) In any case, this morning once I finally heaved myself out of bed, I saw that the temps had mercifully dropped a bit to a very comfortable and pleasant range. And so I decided adventuring we would go.

I told the girls to finish their cheerios and go upstairs and put on playclothes, meanwhile I rounded up their “adventure shoes”, as we call their Keens, (awesome, awesome sandals but MAN they make their feet stanky) and packed up some pretzels and grapes and filled the water bottles.

We piled into the car and made the short drive down to Devon, to a park I’ve been meaning to check out for a while now. It was spur of the moment and impromptu and in hindsight we probably should have brought along sweatshirts, or maybe at least clothes to change into, but it was just a super fun day.



After they’d had their fill of throwing rocks into the river and drawing with sticks in the sand, we headed back up toward the car, where we found this little bike park. We took advantage of the fact that there were no bikers around, and the kids ran all over the place on it. They really had fun until Violet disturbed what I’m assuming was a hidden wasps nest and we beat a hasty retreat. Thankfully none of the girls got stung, and I had only one minor minor little sting on my wrist. adventure-03

After a stop for some lunch at a tiny little restaurant in town, we headed home. All in all- an ideal way to spend a morning into early afternoon. We’ll definitely be doing this adventure again. But maybe with less wasp involvement next time. And hopefully way less belly on my part.