Lemon Yogurt- Behind the Name.

What does lemon yogurt have to do with anything, anyways?

There are actually two parts to this story. Let’s start at the very beginning. I’ve heard its a very good place to start.

I was pregnant with Fiona. I’d started a baby blog, mainly to keep the fam up-to-date with the pregnancy as it progressed. I started it late in the game, mere weeks before she was born. At some point I decided I was enjoying this blogging game, and decided to move platforms. But now I needed a new name for this thing. “Baby LaMartina’s Website” was uhhh… not a good name.

As I chatted with Nate over MSN messenger, bothering him at work as I am wont to do, I asked him if he had any suggestions for a new name for my online presence. His response? “You know what, this lemon yogurt ain’t half bad!”

For you see, he had not seen my inquiry, and was in fact referring to the mid-morning snack he was enjoying that day. Earlier that day, he’d questioned my yogurt flavor choices, and reluctantly opted for lemon.

But for some reason (let’s be real, it was sleep deprivation) I kind of actually liked it. And so the blog became this lemon yogurt ain’t half bad, and then I moved to wordpress, and finally I made the leap to self-hosting, which is where you are now. In all those moves, I never saw a reason to change my name all that much (though I did go from badlemonyogurt to thislemonyogurt, because I thought it fit better). And I never explained the name. I was also still sleep deprived.

Then one day last year, my sister-in-law asked me about the blog name’s origin. I started to tell this story, and then halfway through I realized something. My blog title has a completely unintentional deeper meaning.

“Lemon Yogurt” is a metaphor for LIFE, man! And for parenting!

Because while it is something that might not seem all that great an idea at times (like, you know, a citrus flavored milk product), overall it really ain’t bad.

Mind. Blown.

So there you have it. Please enjoy the lemon yogurt that is my life. It ain’t half bad.

Also not half bad- these muffins made with lemon yogurt. Especially on a morning that doesn’t feel all that good.


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