Just not shiny enough.

Violet’s birthday is next Monday. Since her party is in two days, I figured now is as good a time as any to start planning it…

Argh. As a good 21st century mama, I immediately googled “first birthday party” and then became increasingly despondent that I do not have the craftiness or planniness or prettiness required to pull off one of those ridiculously gorgeous parties you see floating around tha blawgz.

Thank goodness I then came across this article, and in particular, this bit of advice:
You’re tired and busy, but you want to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, dammit! Don’t go overboard with anything, just make foods you love and invite your favourite people over for a beautiful brunch.

Nothing elaborate, just get on the horn and ask. Or, even easier, send an email. You don’t even have to punctuate it.”

Ok. The internet has officially given me permission to get a bunch of balloons, order some pizzas, buy some beers, hang the same HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner we’ve used the past two years (though this time we’ll have to take it down at some point, instead of leaving it up on the wall for Fiona/Mama/Daddy/Jesus’ birthdays), and call it a day. Happy birthday, Violet. I really do love you lots. It’s just… I don’t have the wherewithall to plan an entire Cheerio-themed party, as MUCH as I would love to. I should just embrace my balloons-and-cupcakes self.

It will be great. And you’ll turn one either way. Also, walking? My lovey! You’re such a big girl!

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