Just call me Suzy.

There are just some days when it all comes together. Morning starts with 2-yr old coming in to snuggle with Mama and Daddy. The most heartmelting moment was when I came back from the bathroom to see her hugging Nate, and she looked up at me and said, “Look, Mama! Daddy’s my friend!”

Downstairs. Make amaaaaaaaazing oatmeal for breakfast.

Frozen fruit means I can have berries like normal people!!!

Pack lunch for Nate, then begin making banana chocolate chip muffins.

My girlie loves to “hulp”.

Make homemade dough for tonight’s pizza. So excited about that.

Using my Kitchenaid mixer makes me feel grownup. Also, my little kidlet was eating flour by the spoonful while my back was turned? Flour? Really, kid? You’re such a little weirdo!

Sit on floor, drinking coffee and playing with babies while they eat muffins.

This napkin may have been lifted from Nancy Chang’s during my rehearsal dinner. I’m just saying that that is possible.

Let’s pretend she didn’t just find that muffin halfway underneath the dishwasher…

And so on.

I don’t have many days that make me feel like I have a real handle on this “being the little wife” homemakery thing. I’m not a natural at the cooking and the cleaning and the grocery shopping (oh, the grocery shopping). But it is my job right now, and I think I could probably put in more effort than I typically do. So here’s my start at doing that. I’m not saying I’ll suddenly start cooking meals from scratch every night, or that the house will always be spotless, but I’m going to put in a concerted effort.

And hey, I’ve made my bed every day this week, so I think I’m already on my way.