Guilt Free Laziness

Ahhhh, laziness. Lying about on the couch watching endless episodes of Law&Order. That describes my winter all too well.

A couple weeks ago I found out that the recent bout of laziness and crybabyish behavior is not my fault! I’ve got a thyroid problem. haHA take THAT you people that want me to be productive! Not only did I just have a baby (yeah, okay it was almost 4 months ago now and my “I had a baby” excuse is wearing thin) but now I’ve got an actual medical condition that gives me leave to be tired and sad! Hurrah?

But all good things must come to an end. I’ve got my prescription for whatever it is that my thyroid isn’t making, and I should be getting much better very soon indeed. Goodbye reruns of Raymond, hello half-marathon training.

Speaking of which. Training is going well. I did my first long run (holy hell, I managed to do SIX miles!) on Saturday while Nate watched baby (thanks again, Nate) and I realized how much EASIER it is to run when you’re not pushing a huge jogging stroller. It was glorious.

In the past few days, baby has decided that sleeping is overrated. Seems like she thinks that a couple of 20-minute naps during the day will suffice. At night? Oh, sleeping at night is optional now for all the cool kids. At least thats what the past two disjointed nights have told me. Although maybe it was just a temporary thing? I hate to jinx myself, but it’s now 11:13 and Finn’s been asleep since like 9, so maybe she’ll actually…

Aw, crap. She definitely just started crying.

Me and my damn big mouth.