Get your SHIT together, medical professionals.

SO last week everyone had fevers. It was all very pitiful. But as I mentioned on Monday, everyone is all back to full strength. Crazy, busy, driving-me-crazy strength. With a little lingering cough here and there. We spent Monday morning in the walk-in clinic, to get Violet’s rash checked out. The doc said “yeah, that’s roseola, but let’s go ahead and test her for strep anyways, since big sister has it.”

We did the swab, but Violet’s fever was gone, her rash disappeared by late Tuesday, and she seemed back to normal by Wednesday, and so we sent her off to school. By this point, we’re just doing the 3x a day amoxicillin dance with Fiona (even though she’s totally feeling fine now), and I figure alllllll right. No call from the doc regarding Violet’s strep test during office hours Wednesday, we made it. We’re past this.

Then Wednesday evening I get a voicemail from the doc. “Hi, I need to speak to you regarding Violet’s test results. I guess I’ll try to call you another time.”

I called the number back, buuuuut it was the number for the clinic, which was closed for the evening. So I called back first thing Thursday morning. The receptionist told me that due to office policy, she “couldn’t discuss test results” with me over the phone. She said she’d have the doctor call me back. Except, oh sorry, that doctor isn’t in today, we’ll put an urgent message in her file to call you back. Alternatively, I could come back into the clinic and talk to one of the doctors on call. But it was about a 2-hour wait. Okay, so you have the paper right there that says whether or not my kid has strep and needs to be medicated so she’s not out infecting more preschoolers, but you can’t tell me what it says, and even if I come in I can’t look at the paper without waiting multiple hours?

Fuck that.

So I waited for a phone call. It did not come all day Thursday. Granted, this is only strep throat, it’s not exactly life-threatening, but still. It’s irritating. This morning at 8am, while I was walking Fiona to the bus stop, the doctor called again. Again she left a voicemail saying she wanted to “discuss Violet’s test results” and also “know which pharmacy I wanted them to fax the prescription to” which kind of tells me the results of the test. And again, she called outside of office hours, so again I could not return the call. I waited for the office to open at 9, then called again, except this time the receptionist told me, “oooookay. Yes, it says here that her strep test did come back positive, and the doctor wants to know does she still have the rash or a fever? No? Okay, well she wants her to do a 10-day course of the amoxicillin anyways, so which pharmacy can I fax your prescription to?”


Did I not make this EXACT phone call yesterday? Has the policy changed? Did the lady yesterday just not like the sound of my voice? What gives?

In summation- next time I’m just going to make the 20-minute drive to the pediatrician, whom I actually like, instead of opting for the convenience of the walk-in clinic down the street. Because this week’s ordeal has been anything but convenient.

Oh, and sorry about the germ-fest, preschool. I didn’t know she was still contagious. Or even sick.


One final note: Bianca has been napping for nearly 4 hours now. Who wants to place bets on who’ll be sick next? It’s on between her and Nate. He complained of a sore throat this morning.