General Malaise.

Today’s GSD day has been postponed, and today has been converted into a JGTTDD day. That’s a Just Get Through The Damn Day day.

It’s not been horrible, but I could have picked a nicer way to start the week. Let’s begin at the beginning. Last Thursday night Fiona spiked a fever. Pretty high, I was slightly alarmed, and I don’t alarm easily. It came back down a bit by the next day, but I still kept her home from school and headed over to the doc. The fever combined with the assertion that her “neck hurt” (I think she meant throat, plus the lymph node area of her neck) made me think- myself and Dr. Google would ascribe these symptoms to a nice case of strep throat. So off to the actual non-internet doc we went. sickie-01

So pitiful. My clingy little sickie girl.

I thought strep was something they could test for right there in the office, but turns out they had to send the sample out and we wouldn’t hear back until today. So we went on with our weekend. By Saturday, she barely had a fever at all, and by Sunday she was her regular crazy girl self. Phew, I thought. Dodged that bullet. Can’t wait to hear that negative result on Monday.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Violet started feeling warm. Like, really warm. And she said she was cold, and actually wanted to put clothes on, which is quite uncharacteristic. Her fever was worst Saturday night, but she woke up Sunday feeling okay, so we headed out to my race and thought no more of it. Then Sunday evening as we got the girls ready for bed, I noticed a rash. All over her face and arms and back and chest. Not like an OHMYGAHALLERGY type rash. Just like a weird pinkish goosebumpy sort of rash. She said it didn’t bother her at all, so I just threw some children’s advil at her and decided to hit the walk-in clinic again in the morning.

This morning I sent my shamrocked, beribboned lass out the door to school.


She said she felt fine, so yeah. Strep alert lifted.

Except then like a half hour after I put her on the bus I got a call from the doc to tell me that yes, actually strep. Sooooo sorry for the germs, kindergarten. I sent Nate over to the school to pick her up (before snack time, which she was kind of devastated about), and then we headed out to fill the amoxicillin script and hit the doc for Violet this time.

I sort of forgot how luckily we timed our walk-in visit on Friday. This morning we were not so lucky. And it was less than thrilling to sit in the waiting room for nearly 2 hours with three crazy children and no snacks or iphones (which I accidentally left in the car and nearly had withdrawal symptoms from, I think I may have a problem) or coloring books or anything. We somehow managed to hold it together thanks to a couple of crayon nubs I found in the bottom of my purse and lots of sitting upside down on chairs pretending they were rocket ships. Also once we got moved from the waiting room into the exam room (which they should just called waiting room: level two) we had tongue depressor puppets and non-latex glove balloons.

But by the time we finally saw the doctor and got Violet diagnosed with roseola (which is apparently a common childhood virus and will resolve itself in a couple days) I had HAD it.


So it was drive-thru pharmacy and drive-thru coffee (in Nate’s Jeep, because over the weekend my car got a flat and we had to switch all the carseats over to his car to get out yesterday and haven’t had a chance to switch back yet) and back home for another “taking it easy and trying to shake the cloud of sickness” day.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, I guess.

Also, my youngest. She’s so far escaped all the illness (knock on wood) and she’s currently having a love affair with necklaces. She actually wore all of these to the doctor today. She’s hilarious.


May the power of the T keep her well.

Luck o’ the Irish, indeed.

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