First day of school. Part 2.


Today my Violet girl began preschool. Which, what? She’s just a baby! But no, turns out she’s actually 3 and a half and is quite ready for school, thanks very much. We all had some reservations, especially concerning a certain blanket (that I’m pretty sure you’d recognize, seeing as it’s visible in like 85% of the pictures I’ve ever taken of Violet), but over the past several days, we talked about how she’d be going to school, and how her blanket would be staying home to keep me company, and sure enough- this morning after she got dressed, she put the blanket down in front of the fireplace and said “my blanket will be nice and warm here” and off she went like a big kid.


Nate dropped her off on his way to work, and I picked her up 2 hours later. (During those two hours, Fiona was of course also at school and Bianca napped and I not only showered, but also blow-dried my hair and drank a cup of hot coffee and ate a bowl of non-soggy cereal, so yeah. I like this school thing)

When I picked her up, the teacher informed me that once she got over her initial nervousness, she did wonderfully. Violet informed me that they had a snack and that there were toys and that they painted. Which is actually a much more detailed report than I’m used to receiving, so that was great!

Oh, my little peanut. Your tiny little pigtails just slay me, every damn time.