Final Week.

On Sunday I was roused from sleep by a shake on the arm and a “Mumma? Is it still night, or is it morning? Can I paint?”

I groped for my phone, and told my eldest that it was 5:13am, which is technically morning, but reallllly early. If she wanted to paint, she was on her own for setup. And please don’t make a huge mess.

Two hours later I woke up to hear “Oh no! You better get the wipes, Mum’s gonna be mad!” I braced myself for the worst, and came out of my room to find this happy little scene-


Apparently they’d decided not to just paint, but to do splatter painting. The whole scenario was so adorable I couldn’t even get mad. They’ve really missed painting, and thanks to me finally making some progress in the sunroom, I was able to unpack their paints this weekend, at long last. My windows and walls are now covered in new artwork, and I love it. This is what I want this room to be, what I want this house to be.

IMG_5955 IMG_5962

As you may have gleaned from the dearth of posts last week, I’m behind on my January Cure. Last Monday’s assignment was no internet for a whole evening? I did not do it. Maybe tonight. Maybe not, though. I don’t know. For now I’m moving on to the next cleany organizy type assignment and I’ll get back around to that one.

Assignment #13- Room Reset. This assignment was to pare back on the number of tchotchkes and such, sort of blank slate your living space. However, since we have a fraction of the display space that we had when we had two gigantic bookshelves in our old living room… the majority of our dust-collectors are actually still in boxes. So instead, I took this assignment as a kick in the ass to put away the rest of the Christmas decorations.


I know.

But it’s done now! And half the boxes have even been brought downstairs! Plus as a bonus, I cleared the dining room dresser!


So that earns me a big ol’ check.


Assignment #14- Sweet, sweet organization. Specifically, bathroom purging and organizing. The number of things that needed to be thrown away was actually pretty minimal, since I did a fairly good job of it before we moved. (Remember when I did like half of a 31-day purge last winter?) But, the bins were in need of a good shuffling and as a special treat I even labeled them. (Yeah, it was exciting. My life is boring, I GET IT.) So that didn’t take too long. And while it’s not the prettiest cabinet to look at, it’s loads better than it was.


That’s all I’ve got for now. Today’s assignment is a free square, soooo I’m hoping to catch back up again. I had a good reason for falling behind, though! I have been working on getting the sunroom in order (hence the paints finally making an appearance), and I’ve actually been making some real progress! It’s finally starting to feel like my space.


And that’s good.

You guys! This is the final week of the cure! I have a real shot at completing this one, and on time! This is huge for me!