Cotton Candy Market

Every Wednesday night, from May-October, there is a farmer’s market down the street from us. Every week, I say we’re gonna go. And EVERY year, I don’t get my act together until the end of the summer. 4:30-7:30 on a Wednesday night is a horrible time for me to commit to something, apparently.

But finally, this week we did it. Granted, we didn’t get there until like 6:30, and in the rush to buy ALL the berries, and still have time for food and treats, my taking pictures had to take a back seat. So in lieu of pictures that fully tell the story of “that time we went to the farmer’s market”, please enjoy the story of “that one time we went somewhere and got cotton candy.”


It was a super fun evening. We did buy fruits and veggies and chicken, I swear. I’m hoping to make it there again next week, and to take more markety type shots. Fingers crossed. farmers_market-02