Nate and I started dating a little over 4 years ago. Obviously, we have learned many things about each other since then. He knows that I sometimes chew with my mouth open, I know that he leaves dirty socks EVERYWHERE, he know I like to always have a glass of water at bedtime and I know that he can sometimes soothe a headache by flossing his teeth.

So when I went to order this year’s batch of Girl Scout cookies, I confidently ordered a box of my favorites (Samoas), a box of his favorites (Tagalongs), a box of Thin Mints (cause I think that’s a law, that you have to), and a box of Trefoils (because they go so well with a nice cup of tea). The cookies got here, hurrah, and I occasionally put a few Tagalongs in with his lunch, while saving the Samoas for myself because I do love them so.

The other night I was at the grocery store, buying some ice cream in celebration of our having a working freezer once again (!) and I saw that Edy’s was on sale! And that they had limited edition Girl Scout Cookie flavors! Nate loves limited edition ice cream flavors! Perfect! I grabbed 2 cartons- Samoas and Tagalongs. Our favorites. Raced home all excited, pulled them out of the grocery bag, all “Look, look what I got! Aren’t you thrilled??!?!”

A bit later, once the baby was in bed and we went to dish up the ice cream, I was surprised to see Nate opening up the Samoa ice cream first. I was a bit peeved. Here I was, I bought his favorite kind for him, and he doesn’t even want to try it? What the hell is that about. So I asked him, “I bought the Tagalong kind especially for you, don’t you want that?”

And he says “yeah, but Samoas are my favorite, so I wanted to try this kind first.”


Really? If I didn’t know what his favorite was, that would be totally understandable. I mean, it’s not a requirement to know things like favorite cookie flavor. But I was SO SURE about it. I felt like SUCH an idiot. Here I was, hoarding the Samoas for myself, completely without guilt because hey, I bought him a box of his favorites and I haven’t had a single one. Fair is fair. Now I find out that nope. Dead wrong. You think you know someone…

I would also like to report that while I have not yet managed to go grocery shopping, I did go and pick up all our frozen/defrosted/refrozen into solid blocks foods, so we have some options for mealtimes again. And so tonight in keeping with my decision to do better about making dinner, I made dinner. I had a little helper. It was adorable.

Don’t worry Gramma, I didn’t actually let her take anything out. She just wanted to wear the mitts and walk around the kitchen saying “Hot hot hot” every time I opened the oven.

And Nate- I’m sorry for hogging all the Samoa goodness for the past four years. I’ll be sure to put some in your lunch tomorrow.

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