Classically Fall.

Well, I’ve fallen behind a bit with the race recaps, haven’t I? I will not attempt to fully write up August (Run for the Lung, to benefit people with Cystic Fibrosis) or September (Which was actually a double header- I did both the Navy 5-miler in Washington DC, and Sight Night, a run after dark to raise funds and awareness for the Alberta Sports and Recreation Association for the Blind), but instead will jump right into October.

After a ridiculously early snow in September, the weather this month has been aMAzing. Just a beautiful fall. This past weekend was no exception, and I was thrilled that as part of my half-marathon training, I had signed up for the Fall Classic 10-miler.

As is the norm, we made it to the race with mere moments to spare. I did have time to resolutely decline to participate with the ridiculousness that is the pre-race Zumba-esque nonsense, because come on. I did not come here to do that. I run because I have less than no talent in the coordination department when it comes to shaking it.

In any case, the race finally did start and we were off. The course was the looping kind- east from the community centre and then back, another couple miles west past the start/finish and around then back and then around again. It followed much of the same ground as the HypoHalf, actually. But with much less ice.

The weather was perfect, and luckily for Nate and the kiddos, there was a playground at the community centre, so there was something to keep them all occupied for the hour and fifty minutes it took me to complete the race.

There was one slight hiccup, (as I passed the playground for the second time) when I realized that not only had I forgotten to stick some breast pads in my sports bra, I had not fed the baby since I’d gotten out of bed at 7:30am. Since by then it was around 10:30, I knew he’d be getting hungry, and soon. So I made a short pit stop and tanked the kid up, solving both my problems in one, boob-baring swoop. The next time I passed the playground, Nate reported that baby boy was happily sleeping away, so it was a win. (note to self: come up with a raceday plan for feeding baby before next month’s half)


Finished up the race, had a pancake breakfast (and by that I mean shoveling pancakes into my mouth with my hands because a child stole my fork) outside in the autumn leaves, and took the requisite many many photos. I pretty much just make Nate take pictures of me and the kids until he starts getting his “really?” look on his face and then I know it’s time to pack it on up and head home for coffee and donuts.


Run for the food, my friends. Run for the food.