C’est l’Halloween.

For once I had my act together with the making of costumes, everything was decided and made by last weekend. And yet… somehow I was still wielding a glue gun in an empty conference room mere moments before the children went trick-or-treating around Nate’s office.

Buuuuut everything came together, and their costumes (as characters from a video game from the early 90s) were recognized just as much as I thought they would be in such a nerd-rich environment. In short- they were a huge hit.


Then we drove home (eating candy all the way) and shoveled in some dinner, then headed back out to hit the neighborhood. The weather was so much nicer than last year! So warm (comparatively)! And even the horrendous wind died down for trick-or-treat. The girls started out slow, and quiet, and reticent, but the more houses we visited, the bolder they became. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people recognized the girls’ characters.

(In case you are the kind that doesn’t recognize them (and don’t worry, without the influence of these yahoos in the photos below I’d be that kind) Fiona is Protoman, Violet is Megaman, (they’re the main characters of the Megaman series of games, hero type robots that fight bad guys) and Bianca is playing the part of a Hardhat (a little minor bad guy type dude), while Nate is playing the big bad guy, Dr. Wily. I was dressed up, too. I was dressed as Dr. Light, a part the girls told me I should play because he’s the one who created Protoman and Megaman and since I made the costumes that made sense.)


After about 45 minutes, Violet declared she was done. D-O-N-E Done. Did not want to go to another single house. After she stood at the bottom of a driveway and just waited for the other girls to go up to the house to get candy, I realized she was serious. So she and Bianca and I headed home to switch to candy dispense detail, which Violet surprisingly loved. She just sat at the window, and the moment she saw anyone approach the house she’d run excitedly over to the door, grab the candy bowl, and wait for the knock. Then she’d dump (huge) handfuls of candy into the outstretched arms of various superheroes and princesses and ghouls, and grin, and gleefully shout “Happy Halloween!”

Once Fiona and Nate arrived back home, we turned on the Great Pumpkin and let the children binge eat candy until we threw them into a much needed bath.


It was a great Halloween.

(I’d like to thank Pinterest, Duct Tape, Dollarama, Ikea, Google Image Search, V8-Fusion, and that one dude who paid for all the stuff I bought at Value Village.)

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