Better Late Than Never

Like every other mommy type blogger under the sun, I have decided to do the 30-Day Shred. The difference is that everyone else did it like two years ago when the DVD actually came out. I’m doing it now. That makes me special and definitely not a crowd follower, right? Right?!?!?! Right.




Bottom line is- ouch. The way the whole thing works is, it’s a half hour, every day, for a month (or however long your crazy ass wants). I’m gonna shoot for a month and see where that gets me. I, like pretty much every person I know, have done like a billion different “I’m gonna get in shape” things, usually starting in January, or the beginning of a month, or the beginning of a week at least, buuuuuut. Last night I just decided that I’d had enough, I was starting asap. And when it’s 3am, ASAP is most definitely the next day.


I’ve weighed in, taken my before pictures, I’ll take measurements as soon as I can locate the damn measuring tape, and I will be holding on to those so that I can completely WOW you with my progress a month from now.


But the workout itself- uh, yeah. For a half hour thing, it’s pretty intense for my little out of shape self. I was surprised. Push-ups?!?! HA. Def had to do the girlie ones, on my knees. And even those were brutal. After I finished the workout (Nate watched the babies while I did it, the guy has promised to back me up in this endeavor, up to and including pushing me to workout even when I don’t want to. I promised to try not to get mad at him for that.), my arms were sore, my legs hurt in walking up the stairs. I’m a little worried about how I’ll be feeling tomorrow. But I shall push through and work through it and I shall WIN and fit back into my old clothes and it shall be AMAZING.


I’ve also decided that I will go to bed earlier. No staying up until 3am. I get crazy ideas late at night.