Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!

It’s the 17th of March! One of my favorite days of the year! It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

Talked to my sister in Ireland this morning. It was awesome and I told her that I basically hate her. Well, not really. Really I’m just crazy jealous. I told her I’m thinking of maybe making Shepherd’s Pie for dinner, and she said “Sounds good. Irishy. I think we’re having ribs, but really whatever we eat is Irish, so it works.” Bitch.

Kidding, Kels! Love you!

You know, once I quit a job because they wouldn’t give me St. Patrick’s day weekend off. I had already planned a trip back home to Boston to watch the parade and I had tickets to see the Dropkick Murphys! It was planned BEFORE I took that stinkin’ job at that stinkin’ pub! Who woulda thought that an Irish pub wouldn’t honor any requests for time off in the entire month of March…

Today though, no need to quit the job. Things are good. Had my OB appt today… he told me I was 32 weeks along, which well, awesome. I thought I was only 31. That NEVER happens to me. Somehow they gave me my old due date back? Now it’s the 12th? (Which sort of screws up the whole “counting down the pregnancy with episodes of LOST”, but hey. Who the hell knows what’s going on in that show anyways. Do I really WANT to associate my pregnancy with that malarky? That’s right. I said malarky. Wait, am I still in parentheses?)

So. 32 weeks. And they had to move the big chunk on the bottom of the scale over, which is always a low point for me. I’ve crossed that 150 threshold and then a little more. I’ve gained 25lbs so far this pregnancy, which ugh. With Fiona I gained like 27 lbs TOTAL. I’m at 25 and I still have 8 weeks to go? Crippity crap. I’m gonna go over 30. Blargh. My mom was so kind to say to me this morning, “oh wow, I think I only went up over 150 with one of the girls.” Uhhhhh thanks but SHUT UP ya SKINNY MINNY CHICKEN LEG WOMAN! One of my calves weighs the same as your whole torso, so can it.

Other than that slightly depressing news, things are looking good. Everything is measuring what it should measure and heartbeats are good and strong and all that stuff.

ALSO, the weather has decided to stop being crappy and finally get nice and springy again. Doing a picnic at the playground with friends for lunch today, and tomorrow as well. This weekend its supposed to be sunny and get into the 70s? Yes please. Wearing my flip-flops today and it was only like 45 degrees this morning.

Well. Baby is down for her nap and I have things to do. Enjoy the day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from my wee Irish lass!