A Very Germy Christmas

Christmas actually wasn’t too germy. The sickness hit the day after. And prevailed by Sunday. Monday was miserable. But now that it’s Tuesday we are finally on the mend, and I can see that eventually we will be healthy again.

There is nothing as pitiful as a 2-month-old with a cold.

Fiona’s first Christmas was very nice, the aforementioned cold notwithstanding. We started our Christmas vacation on Saturday the 20th, with a drive up to Pennsylvania to see some family- Fiona met her great-grandparents, along with some great-aunts and great-uncles, and whatever you call your parents’ cousins…second cousins I guess? We stayed with them for a few days, and everyone was so excited to have a baby in the house that I pretty much only saw her when she needed to be fed. It was a very good visit and we look forward to visiting them again.

Fiona with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Troutman

The day before Christmas Eve we continued our vacation with a drive further north, all the way to Massachusetts. We’ve had quite the busy week. Activities included-
– decorating the Christmas tree
– attending Midnight Mass
– opening presents on Christmas morning
– going ice skating
– having our 19th annual Christmas caroling party
– playing many board games

It’s been a full, fun week. Despite the miserable cold.

Pictures to follow.