A Blog Post.

Status report: depressed AF. And it’s been so long since I’ve blogged that my chrome didnt auto-complete my blog admin page when I started typing “thi…” And I had to like actually think and figure out how to get to the login screen, which wasn’t easy, especially since I’m not yet properly caffeinated.

Also, the period key on my keyboard continues to refuse to work properly, which is super fun when I’m trying to type anything from an email address to a website to you know, anything with sentences.

Yesterday we woke to a blanket of white. Thank god it wasn’t like a proper snow, more like a rain that just got a little bit too cold overnight. But all the same- it was white out. I wish I had Violet’s positivity. She came busting into my room, a look of sheer wonderment on her face- “Am I dreaming?!?!?” She was very excited, and then sort of disappointed that she couldn’t really play in the “snow” so much as like crunch it a little underfoot. And soooo it begins. I found out that while we do have the correct size snowpants/coats for everyone, somehow each and every one of them simultaneously need new boots. I ordered some online this morning. They’re kids feet. They don’t need to try them on ahead of time, right? Just size up a little and shove on an extra pair of socks or two to make up the difference. Here internet shopping, take a million of my dollars. Good to know ya.

I’m off facebook again. I swear I’m not doing it for attention, I just have no willpower if I’ve got it active, and if I have to learn about one more person’s political opinion I am going to either throw my phone or kill someone, or maybe manage to kill someone with my phone? In any case- it’s better for everyone I disappear for a little bit. Also, I am feeling too bummed out about things to see all the happy shiny people right now. So bye, Facebook. See you sometime, maybe.

We’ve been working on a spate of home improvement projects (on a semi-related note, we learned that we can order TV channels a la carte, and now I can get HGTV, huzzah) but none of them is finished enough for the Big Reveal. Soon, though. I’m using the motivation of a Big Reveal to push me to actually finish them? Maybe? I don’t know. Maybe not. We’ll see.

Ok, it’s flurrying in earnest now. WTF, I know it’s Canada, but I really prefer when we can hold out until at least the beginning of November? Snowy Halloweens are the worst. And I’m excited for our costumes! Well, mine and the boys. We’re going with a group theme, but the girls have all chosen random dress-up bin inspired attire, which I guess is fine too. Not sure any of theirs will fit over coats though, so they’ll all get hidden for trick-or-treating. But whatevs, they can at least wear them to school.

No photos for you today, but I’ve blogged! (kind of) It’s progress! Celebrate with me!

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