5 minutes of Sorry.

One blog you should definitely be following (if you enjoy photography and children that is, and if you don’t, then why the hell are you here?) is the 5 Minute Project. It is exactly what it sounds like. 5 minutes. Take out your camera, take pictures of what you see for 5 minutes. Special occasion stuff, mundane stuff, what have you. And if you bleed awesome like any of the photographers featured over there, you’ll get the most amazing stuff.

I decided to run with that idea here, too. I have been a bit… hmm what’s the best way to describe it. Uninspired? Frustrated? Winter doldrummy? All of the above, really. About lots of things in general, actually, but about photography specifically to be sure.

So I’ve decided to shamelessly copy and jump in with my own 5-minute project. Perhaps one day if I get something I’m super thrilled with I’ll submit it to be featured. But until then, I like this idea of this little bite-size photography challenge. I think one weekly is a good goal.

This afternoon the girls wanted to play some board games. I love our board games, we got this whole collection of bookshelf games as a wedding gift. We don’t get them out often enough. But this afternoon we did. I don’t think the girls actually played Sorry, I think Fiona just drew cards and moved some pieces, and Bianca swiped pieces and made Violet mad because Violet was making each of the groups of pieces be families and whenever one family member got swiped she was less than thrilled.